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Internship with

Council Member MARGARET S. Chin


Council Member Margaret Chin’s office is seeking students with a strong interest in politics, government, civic engagement and public service. Learn the ins and outs of City government: how to work with constituents, pass legislation in City Hall, and fight for New York City’s diverse communities at the district level.  Internships run during regular business hours with a flexible schedule and minimum of 20 hours per week. Applicants should be very comfortable using Microsoft Office Suite. Chinese or Spanish language skills are a plus. Long-time residents of NYC strongly preferred, council district residency a plus.


Click here for more information on duties, responsibilities, qualifications and how to apply.

"What made this summer the best summer? Was it my weeklong vacation in California or my weekend adventures outside of New York City? Nope; this summer was the best because of all the time I spent in my favorite city, New York. Interning in Council Member Margaret Chin’s office allowed me to explore Lower Manhattan and gained a unique experience that I would otherwise not have." Click here to read more about a former intern's experience

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